Product care

Product care

Take good care of your Shoedaism and enjoy every step.

Entirely handmade in EU (Italy, Bulgaria and Czech Republic) our shoes are produced by some of the best manufacturers and according to the highest standards of production techniques, finishing and materials.

1. Materials

Each Petia shoe is composed of three basic pieces: the upper with lining, the sole and the heel. We use a soft, thin kidskin leather for the upper and lining. The sole is made of Italian Vero Cuoio leather. The heel is produced of top quality galvanized ABS and lacquered using techniques that are broadly used in the automotive industry.

2. Function

Your shoes and your feet will appreciate alternating shoes and wear different heel heights throughout the week. Shoes with buckles or shoestrings should be put on unbuckled or untied. Do not overuse your shoes. The weight and the size of the contents of the shoes must be used in proportion to the firmness of the used material.


3. Cleaning and Maintenance

We recommend you to keep your shoes clean to preserve their original characteristics and functionality. Caring for the surface of the leather will ensure that your shoes will always look flawless. Leather is a product from nature and when it’s not treated and nourished properly, it will eventually start to dry out. Clean with a dry cloth or sponge and use only special shoe care products. Do not wash your Petia shoes in the washing machine.

Store your leather shoes outside of areas with increased air humidity and consider using cedar straps that absorb moisture well, remove smell and retain the shape of the shoe. It is also necessary to regularly disinfect your shoes with a spray to eliminate microbes.

Protect your shoes from water and moisture and use special impregnation agents. Do not place wet shoes on your feet or inside stoves, microwave ovens, ovens, do not blow-dry or dry in a drier. We also discourage you to place them on infrared-heaters.

4. Repairs

Performance of regular maintenance and minor repairs will extend the life span of the product. Should you need to replace heel taps, please entrust a professional. Please note that Petia is not liable for any damage.