Caitlyn Malaga/Silver - Designer Leather Flats

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Afraid of heights? Slide into a comfort zone altitude! A down-to-Mars pointed toe box low heel sling-back, Caitlyn's pointed toe box sports a pleated suede part gathered under an overlapping plain leather piece. A metal loop in the plain leather lets out a nonchalant suede knot. The shoe ends with a 25 mm sculptural low hoof-like heel. The shoe is joined around the ankle with an elasticated back strap covered in leather. Made with love in EU.

  • MATERIAL: Heel: ABS heel with galvanized coating, Lining: 100% kidskin leather, Sole: 100% vero cuoio (Tuscan leather), Upper: 100% kidskin leather
  • HEEL HEIGHT: 25 mm or 1''
Pink Velour/Silver